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The COY Token allows you to access CoinAnalyst’s revolutionary AI-based analytics platform which takes a new approach on crypto trading and research.

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CoinAnalyst Signals offers the ability to take Advantage of Market Volatility and Market Opportunities with Proven Strategies while keeping your Mind At Ease.

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By using our own technologies, combined with years of proven successes, our very own traders trade for our users.

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API for Expert Traders

Direct access to both our immense database as well as our state-of-the-art algorithms.

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Your ticket into crypto trading


Lifelong Full Access

Be one of the first 10 people buying 10’000 USD worth of COY during the IEO, to get Full Access access to ALL our products and services (Signals) as bonus – for as long as you HODL it.


Get 1 Year as a Bonus

If you buy 1K USD worth of COY Tokens, you get 1 year CoinAnalyst Insights & Socializer Engagement as a free bonus. You save hundreds of Dollars.


20% Discount on every purchase

When you pay with COY for our services, you receive a great 20% discount. No minimum COY amount required.

A Bright Future for the COY

We are doing attractive measures to increase the value of the COY in future.

Token Buy Back Program

For COY tokens spent on our services we will burn COYs until 100’000’000 COY is reached, using ~50% of our revenues.

1 Billion Token Burning

This month, we will be burning 1 Billion COY Tokens – that’s a whopping 50% of the our ICO Hardcap.


Ambitious vision, realistic plan


CoinAnalyst Signals (Q3)

We will be providing Trading Signals combining proven algorithmic strategies, AI technology and the expertise of our traders to allow users to take advantage of market opportunities and volatility.

Copy Trading (Q4)

This service will allow you to get automated signal execution following our best traders at CoinAnalyst combining our ai technology, sentiment and proven Algorithmic trading strategies.


iOS- and Android-based app (Q1)

As mobile applications increasingly dominate the online world, we will develop both an iOS and Android app to provide crypto-based messages, a simple dashboard and alerts. The app can be subscribed to, subscription fees are calculated monthly.

CoinAnalyst Hedge (Q2)

We will be developing a platform with algorithmic trading strategies and ai technology for institutional type investors and Professional traders

Blockchain-based datafeeds and analyses (Q2)

Another important type of datafeeds are blockchain-based datafeeds.

The blockchain is an open and transparent network. By observing certain parameters, you can obtain signals from the network in real time. However, while some private hedge funds are already using blockchain-based data feeds and analyses, publicly available tools for this service still have to penetrate the market.

Through the partnership with large blockchain scanners and, if necessary, proprietary developments, CoinAnalyst will create datafeeds and analyses so that users can monitor activities in multiple networks in parallel. You can view transaction volumes, “whale” addresses, transaction frequencies and much more.

Within a year, such blockchain-based datafeeds should be available so that traders and investors can objectively quantify and evaluate the growth of these networks.

Artificial Intelligence for deeper market analysis and insights (Q3)

We will extend to the top 100 coins the algorithms that underpin our applications to a deep-learning-based neural networks designed to process market and social media data together.

This enables the complex analysis of crypto currencies and IDOs, including specific exchange characteristics, different time periods and indirect factors.


Revolutionary Wallet (Q1)

We will be developing a wallet integrated with Socializer Messenger that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies without the need of an address, operate with our signals and use Stop-Loss 2.0

Stop-Loss 2.0 – Blockchain-based token (Q2)

At a later stage, we will enhance and update the token. With the updated token, you can invest intelligently. Here, we will be able to link our clients’ portfolio data with selected exchanges and implement a new, revolutionary stop-loss function. This stop-loss function 2.0 will be executed by the token itself, based on relevant news and fluctuation margins set by our AI.

Users can add their API keys from exchanges, receive and filter bot signals directly in this token, and perform a stop-loss action through automated set signals. Based on this the CoinAnalyst system sells crypto currencies and lists them again. API keys are stored only on the user’s devices, making the application very secure.


All you need to know

About us: Team

Experience & Competence

Our diverse team consists of trading experts, user experience designers, awesome developers, AI experts and many more.


Pascal Lauria

Founder and CEO

19 years of experience in IT, sales, marketing, business development and founder of several companies. Pascal is the expert for Big Data and AI at CoinAnalyst.

Tobias Schnorr

Founder and CTO

14 years of experience in IT consulting, IT security, web design, programming and online marketing. Tobias is also a trader and cryptocurrency expert.

Trading Experts

Filippo Kansikas

Trading Specialist, Account Manager

Daniel Babich

Trading Specialist, Account Manager

Igor Bykov

Trading Specialist, Developer



Richard Kastelein

Blockchain Advisor


Filipe Castro



Greg Thain

Strategy & Business Development


About us / Team

Experience & Competence

Our diverse team consists of trading experts, user experience designers, awesome developers, AI experts and many more.


Active Development, more to come.

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