The AI-based analytical tool for crypto investors

We have created a unique tool that helps crypto investors make more accurate predictions while trading.


The handy overview page helps you get a summary of the main attributes from your cryptocurrency list.


It shows the correlation between the price of the cryptocurrency and the number of references to the currency on the web. We collect news, blog posts, social media posts and other sources.


It shows the correlation between the price of the cryptocurrency and the sentiment of references on the web.

Here you can understand how much positive, negative or neutral news there is about the cryptocurrency.


It shows the most active users who talk about cryptocurrencies in the different sources.

Word signals

It shows how often words in the document are used that are next to the currency name.


Our AI based forecast provides an accuracy of up to 70% on how the currency will move within the next 6-12 hours.

High Impact News

High Impact News are our AI based selected news that are most relevant and have an impact on price with a special sentiment correlated to price. As those news either have a negative or positive impact on price

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Our company develops advanced analytical services for the fintech industry


Is CoinAnalyst a good fit for a beginner?

Yes, our service is designed for beginners who are taking their first steps in crypto investment.

Do you have a trial?

Yes, we have a 30-day trial, then you can choose the appropriate plan from the price page.

Can you help with the first steps?

Yes, we have a manual for beginner investors that will help you understand how the crypto market works.

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